Fullscreen support on iOS


I read your blog entry here about fullscreen mode in 3.16 - https://phaser.io/phaser3/devlog/138.

Does anyone get this working on iPhone? I have tried and cannot get my phone to go to fullscreen mode even though I have the latest iOS release installed. On Android it works like a charm.

Phaser 3 full screen on mobile

I think there’s no fullscreen at all on iOS.



It’s currently under Experimental Features in iOS12 if you go into the settings and enable it (along with WebGL2 and other fun goodies). Word on the twitters is it’s only a matter of (short) time before it leaves experimental.


Actually it is included and on by default now in iOS 12 - but only on iPad it seems :frowning:


Fullscreen API on iOS for iPad

  • HTML elements can be viewed in fullscreen on iPad.

But let’s hope it will be enabled on iPhone as well soon =)


This doesn’t seem to work on iPhone Safari even with iOS12 experimental Fullscreen API turned on.
While trying this example on my iPhone 7s Plus w/ iOS version 12.1.4, pushing the fullscreen button doesn’t seem to do anything:

Is this example just not updated?
I know each browser has a different prefix for the standard: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Fullscreen_API/Guide#Prefixing