Phaser 3 full screen on mobile


I have tried the example given on this link to start full screen ,it works fine on pc but not on mobile.
I have simulated mobile device on developer tools on chrome and I have got this error.


Do anybody know why this is not working on mobile device and have a fix for that …



It doesn’t look there is much support for fullscreen on mobile devices yet, see

Maybe you can give this a try;

Edit; There is also another thread about the same issue. Have a look Fullscreen support on iOS

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I tried a lot but fullscreen didn’t work for me too.
So i created another page and called the game in in fullscreeen iframe



Hello @matrizet

Does this work for you on IOS ??

Please let us know.



I don’t own an IOS.
But on a forum a user stated the fullscreen api didnt work on his ios



I see thanks :slight_smile:

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this example is working for me . but , just in 3.16.2

scale: {
mode: Phaser.Scale.FIT,
parent: ‘phaser-example’,
autoCenter: Phaser.Scale.CENTER_BOTH,
width: 1068,
height: 600

check a ratio like 1068 / 600 = 1,78 . This way you get full screen in pc and movile.
also, I prefer “opera browser” for mobile. it detect automaticaly the full screen. If you use “fifefox” on mobile, the full screen you will get in settings of browser, checking “PC-mode” . In chrome it works as well with this way. But is more stable Firefox.



yes, using Phaser 3.16.2 fullscreen now works on Mobile .

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thanks for this answer



iOS 12 should support phaser fullscreen on ipad, but it’s still an experimental feature on iphone. At least as of a couple of days ago.



To add to this, you need to go into settings and specifically enable this experimental feature.

And in my experience, my app kept getting this popup from Safari every few minutes saying “it looks like you might be using a fake keyboard” or something to that effect. Which is fine once, but it kept reappearing throughout the single session and there was no way to say “go away, I trust this page”.

Fullscreen on Safari iPhone is definitely not ready for mainstream users as of iOS 12.1. :frowning: