Gamedev.js Jam 2020

The Gamedev.js Jam 2020 will be held online (on between April 13th and 26th, and you’re all invited to participate building and submitting Phaser games!

Visit the jam site to join:


I’ve added 5 PlayCanvas accounts and 3 Making Money with HTML5 ebooks as prizes, and more are going to be added soon.

More prizes: 4 WebStorm IDE licenses for a year each and 10 Phaser Editor licenses for a lifetime (!) each.

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We now also have a brand new Discord server:

The jam started, and the theme was just announced.

TL;DR: future.

Good luck!

The Jam ended over the weekend, and if you haven’t seen the results yet, then feel free to check them out here - there are some Phaser games as well.

The winners announcement post can be checked here.

Those were great games! I feel bad I missed this one, I would have loved to participate. Maybe next time!

No worries, I plan on having next editions in the future, so I hope you’ll join us then!