[Phaser 3] Jammies.io - a cute multiplayer slime game


Jammies is my first game, using a familiar mechanic to some. I wanted to start with something safe, so the intention was to take a popular existing product like Splix.io and improve upon it. Hence, the cute art and SFX to make it more appealing for new players.

For now, I just have the web version. If it does well, I’ll be getting a native mobile version built and hopefully funding more web-based multiplayer games.

Link: Jammies.io


what are you using in the server side?


Server hosting is through Digital Ocean and OVH, I’m testing out a dedicated server in EUR versus VPSes in NA. Other than that, just using node.js and uWS on Ubuntu.


Well done!
Looks great, and fun to play too :):grin: