[Phaser 3] Konkr.io - a pretty polished turn-based strategy game

Play it at www.konkr.io!

This is a hex-based strategy game inspired by the brilliant simplicity of Sean O Conner’s Slay.

It’s been devouring my weekends for the past year or so and I’m really proud of how far I’ve took it in that time (especially since this is my first larger Phaser project)! I hope you find it as fun and addictive as I do :grin:.

From technical standpoint, you might be interested to know that:

  • it’s built with typescript (I could not imagine maintaining a project of this size with vanilla js)
  • it’s using ImmutableJS for state management - it allows me to keep the whole game state as immutable object yet produce new game state after each action with minimal cpu and memory cost.
    This makes stuff like Undo and Rewind buttons trivial to implement, and also helps AI quickly explore the space of possible moves
  • it’s written as a progressive webapp with UI that switches between desktop and phone friendly layout on the fly based on viewport size

I will be delighted to read any feedback or answer any questions here or on the games discord server.