- Online multiplayer game (Need a feedback) [Phaser 3]

Hi there is my first online multiplayer game that made with Phaser 3 framework.

I design and programmed the game my self, and thanks for all person that help me to fix my game issues while on development.

The objective of the game is just kill other players or get a bonus coin as much as you can, if player reach point target, player weapon will be upgraded.

Actually i don’t like playing games, so i don’t know whether my game is fun or not.

Can you give a feedback or suggestion to improve this game?

Currently there are 2 available server to choose, Asia/singapore and America/dallas

Each server have a same specs (1 cpu and 1gb ram) and using NodeJS as backend


Looks nice :slight_smile:

Can you please tell some more how the server side works?

Super! Nice and fun game. :+1:

Very nice !

It’s complicated, its something like Player input -> Server -> Player move


thank you

That’s all I wanted to know :slight_smile:
Really nice :slight_smile:

I’m curious about how you implemented isometric tiles. Phaser 3 doesn’t have a lot of examples and the support is basic. There is an isometric plugin for Phaser 2 but the port to v3 isn’t complete and I don’t quite understand it all. I’d like to import Tiled Isometric maps into Phaser. Did you use Tiled or some other technique?

that’s great work dude, may i know what is your back-end frame-work.?

Thanks, i use NodeJS

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I did it manually, all tiles are a spritesheet. i use loop trees to generate tiles and define it’s position by detecting if a column index is even or odd. for tile map, i use json / array to define it’s tile frame / color.

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I tried your game but its not working it said server is down :frowning: try to look it makes multiplayer implementation easy and its base in node js.