Geckos vs Colyseus

Hello friends!

I recently found such a tool as “colyseus”. it is a nodejs sync server for games.

I immediately remembered geckosio (udp+interpol+arraybuf). they both have similar functionality (except that there is no transport over UDP in the colyseus, but they promise to add this in version 1+.

who has any ideas? who used the colyseus, who used the gecko?

P.S. I know that on this forum there is a respected author of geckos ( @yannick ) it is more a discussion topic. who thinks what.

I tried with more than 300 synchronized entities in my game and it worked fine.

For the UDP on Colyseus they said it’s would be a TCP/UDP hybrid but since i can get the same or better by using then i don’t see why i would go to

if you are ready to show your game - I think many would be interested to see the implementation. do not be shy :slight_smile:

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It’s not “open-source” and it’s an unfinished MMO project.

I started using this example:

I also watched this video:

Also you can check the plugins presented in the video:

To be honest you have everything here to synchronise your game pretty easily.