Glitching game (arcade psychics)

So I have upgraded the breakout example for a black friday deal on our webshop:

Now this game glitches sometimes (mostly in firefox). When this happens, the balls shift 20 - 50 pixels to the right (phaser arcade psychics does the ball movement). Is this some kind of concurrency bug?

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Nice game;as a simple player or user it is sweet game ,as a game developper there is no really bug and i can’t do best ,thank you …

Thank you, so you cannot reproducte the bug? I think the glitching has to do with the delta time after a temporary freeze (Phaser does not do timer steps when delta get to high?). When it happens, balls just randomly appear inside blocks or shift to another part to the screen.

Added some worley (cellular) noise yesterday to make the bricks ‘crack’, it looks great :). Just too bad I have to bake them to a texture (just 4 damage textures a brick) instead of generating them very precisely the shader.

This is my fist game using a library hoping to speed things up and finish a game for once. But with all these problems and compromises I have to make, I am starting to want to go back to PicoGL with a custom engine. At least I can make some nice shaders with vertex attribs and more efficient particle systems this way.

Also thinking of going on a quad-tree approach for the bricks, this would make any shape / size possible without any performance problems. I could even make make pictures destructible on pixel basis this way!

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Hi, I can see small glitches from time to time. Just guess: when I open console in Firefox, game is almost output free. But sometimes, there is some message like: “expected color, but found 0”. Sometimes, there is burst of these messages and in the same time I can see the glitch.
From my experience, lot of console output in short time can cause glitches, so it may be your problem. Or problem may be message itself.

Thanks for testing! I do not have console errors in my browser (Firefox), what browser are you using?

My Firefox is 71.0 (64-bit).
Here is image from browser. Message is warning - it is in console and it is spawned 3x every time when single brick is destroyed:

Some browsers did not accept color’s code as like firefox