How to check what entity is touching the bottom of a collision box

I’m trying to implement jumping where you cant jump infinitely(like most platformers), but I don’t know how to specify what is considered the ‘bottom’ of a collision box.

What physics engine are you using?

arcade physics

Do you need something more than

yes, i want to be able to check for a specific entity

Phaser 3 - Arcade - Collision Direction
Maybe this helps

yes, thank you

ok new problem, i was wanting to use the code on a tile map for a platformer, but the code is saying that there is no body on the layer, even though there is collision between the player and the sprite

create(){ = this.make.tilemap({key:'TmapT',tileWidth: 32, tileHeight: 32});
	this.tilesetT ="Ttest");
	this.Ltest =,this.tilesetT,0,0);
	this.Ptest = new player(this);
                                    //right down here is the error
		if(P.body.touching.down && L.body.touching.up){
			this.Ptest.isJump = false;

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘touching’ of undefined

In Aracde, neither tilemaps nor individual tiles have physics bodies because collision between sprites and tilemaps is handled separately from collision between two sprites. In the code you posted, if(P.body.blocked.down) should be sufficient to detect whether the player is on the ground. Note the use of blocked instead of touching - the former stores the result from collision with a tilemap, while the latter is used for other bodies.

this was pretty cool and i didnt know that property, but i have the same question and tried what you say, it also log ‘true’ when the playey/entity/sprite hit some platform from bottom (top sprite)