How to detach a scene from display list and memory?

This is probably an extremely newbie question, but, how does one remove the scene from the view correctly so it can be later re-attached?

I’ve tried using this.scene.remove(key), but that removes the scene from the available scenes list of a scene manager, and then I can’t start it again…

So should I just use pause ? or sleep ?? and then set it no not visible?
Is there a clear guide to these (quite basic) tasks?

It’s just so confusing, and I can’t find any explanations/help anywhere for these concepts, like for example what’s the difference between pause or sleep?

Just .stop the scene, which lets you use it later if you need to. If you don’t need to use it again then destroy the scene.

Pausing a scene stops it from updating, but it still renders. Sleeping a scene stops it from updating and rendering.

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Thank you soo much, it worked!