How to make old device detection in Phaser 2

I’m working on a mobile platformer and I would like it to be compatible with older devices like Samsung Galaxy NeoGT or Samsung Galaxy S2.

The character moves with a virtual joystick at an average speed of 90x but this speed is not enough with the average 23fps offered by the test device and the character moves too slowly.

Multiply the speed of the player by the value of the oldDeviceValue variable, which will be 1 for a modern device (56-60fps) or 2 for an old device (18-45fps), as follows:

function detectOldDevice() {
return /* anything for make old device detection (must be 1 or 2) */


movePlayer: function () {

var oldDeviceValue = detectOldDevice();

// for example:
if (cursors.left) {
this.player.speed.x = ( this.joystick.speed.xoldDeviceValue)-1;

The equation would be:

VelXPlayer = [VelXJoystick * (oldDeviceValueResult)] * -1

First I would make sure you’re using the game loop delta.

If you turn on advanced timing then you can read fps.

REALLY helpful, Thanks! : )