Is CursorKeys acting weird for anyone else?

I just picked up Phaser 3 today (following through the pdf booklet, currently implemented player movement with CursorKeys), and it’s been really awesome so far learning the framework! It’s been on my mind to learn Javascript for a while, so it has been really fulfilling to finally use it.

The only weird bug that I got from it though, is sometimes the keys stick down for seemingly no reason. Most of the time it’s fine, so I wonder if perhaps it might be Firefox acting weird? Is there a better means of input object I should use rather than Phaser.Types.Input.Keyboard.CursorKeys? Or could I just be missing something?

I really love the framework so far though, I look forward to learning more about it. ^^

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Try with another browser, or try with Firefox extensions turned off.

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Tried it with Edge, and it works now and was able to finish the tutorial! :partying_face: That’s so strange though, is that the case with most frameworks with input systems that sometimes the keyboard registers strangely?

I met the same problem with Edge dev (ver. 102.0.1245.3). However, the problem is gone right after I disabled the Evernote Web Clipper Extension (ver. 7.22.0). I guess there are some conflicts with it.

You can check keyboard events with Keyboard Event Viewer.