Is it possible to add a sprite inside a sprite?

Hello there,
Sorry for this newbie questions but it’s really difficult to find updated examples or best practice on many topics.
What need I to do in order to add a sprite (or a simple image) inside a sprite (I need for example to add a “!” when a monster spots the player and obviously I would like that the “!” follows the monster while he’s moving)?
I know I can create a brand new sprite or image and then manually update its position every “update” but it would be more easy if I can add it directly to the main sprite (like I do for example in plain html or in the old outdated MovieClip in Flash).
Have I to use group?
Have I to use containers?
Can you tell me where I can find an updated example of this?
Thanks a lot in advance

Use a container.


I always love your replies! :slight_smile:
Few words, straight to the point!
Thanks a lot!

Btw what book do you suggest that explain the core concepts? (I prefeer books instead of videos).

I don’t know a good Phaser 3 book. If you read just the introductions from the API docs you can learn a lot. :slight_smile:

story of my life :slight_smile: