Is possible to create RTS game with Phaser 3?

Hi there

I have a plan to create RTS game.

So, i need these features:

  • Pathfinding
  • Follow other player
  • Line of sight
  • Radius detection

Basically there are 30 players, you and others are bot/AI.
Each player will attacking closest other player if on line of sight and on radius.

Is possible to do this with Phaser 3? i don’t find any example or tutorial related to RTS game.

How about performance? especially on Mid end mobile devices

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I don’t think any of the features you mentioned would be ready-to-use, out-of-the-box without custom code.
But I’m certain that they can be implemented and supported.
Following and radius detection are the simplest to make between the 4 you mentioned so I’d suggest some research on the other two first.

Best of luck!

Yep, someone has already in fact! And it’s a really high quality production too:

I find this plugin

I think it’s good compared to easystar, but it’s have less example, tutorial or documentation, so, it’s hard for me to implement this.

I think it’s made with Phaser 2

I’m pretty confident that Phaser 3 would give you a cleaner and easier to understand toolset for creating your games.

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Yes it’s possible, but Phaser doesn’t come with complex algorithms like pathfinding out of the box, that’s entirely up to the coder to build. Phaser is more of a suite of building-blocks - like Sprites, Animations, Scenes, Asset Loading etc. - from which you build up your Business Logic (or, more specifically in this case, the maths needed to calculate pathfinding.

Forget Phaser for a second, pathfinding is a more fundamental Mathematic problem, than a JS Framework one. Look into A* (“A Star”) or Dykstra’s algorithm for basics on getting entities from A to B.

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