Is there a way to protect Phaser Game Assets?

Is there a way to protect Phaser Game Assets?
I find browser debug tools can get HTML5 game all image, music and tilemap JSON files.

If my game image was bought from the game assets market.
anyone is very easy to get this.

Any idea to prevent that and protect Browser Game Assets???
Thank you very much

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HTML5 is all about open standards, I don’t think there is something that will allow to protect your game’s data (images, sounds, etc) or even source code, to an extend (your code could use JS obfuscator to make the process harder to steal your code). For images, maybe you could find a library that encrypts your data, but I am not aware if this even exists for Javascript. As an alternative of putting all your images into only 1 file, using multiple files would already make the process of taking your images more “difficult” at the cost of changing your code and maybe a little slower loading time.

The more you protect your game, the more you will want to hack it.

Relax. Nobody needs it. and if necessary, they will pull out what they need, and you will not interfere.