Looking for assets for book: Create and Publish HTML5 Games in 24 Hours by William Clarkson

Hello everyone,

I’m just working my way through the above book, which says all the assets required for making the games are on the author’s web site(s) - but I can’t find them!

Have emailed the author but had no response. Does anyone have the assets or know where they are?


Failing that, can anyone recommend another (decent) book/course - or suggest a good way to learn Phaser?

(I’ve several years experience as a programmer with a decent understanding of JavaScript, but no game development experience.)

Maybe here? Source Files for Create and Publish HTML5 Games in 24 Hours - Phaser Games

Brilliant, thank you Milton.

Would still like to hear if anyone has any other suggestions to learn Phaser 3 as I’m not overly impressed with this book.

There’s a course here - https://www.udemy.com/course/game-development-in-js-the-complete-guide-w-phaser-3/ - seems to have been recently updated, but a few reviewers saying it’s a bit slow paced and not that well thought out.

Emanuele Feronato has some very educational Phaser games.

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