Phaser III Game Prototyping book launched on Amazon


newly released book “Phaser III Game Prototyping” available on both and Amazon (hardback 3 MAR, and eBook available now). Amazon Associates welcome.

PS: Owners of the previous edition - “Phaser Game Prototyping for v2.x.x” - were emailed yesterday a “generous discount coupon” from the LeanPub email list.

NEW ADDITIONS: “Walk-Through” Tutorial are Step-by-step Game Recipes on how to build in the games in this book. See the updated Appendices.


What’s the ETA on the hard copy? Thanks!


72 hours from now. I updated the crappy stock book cover with my take on the “Phaz3r” logo.


Awesome, i’ll be ordering the hard copy. Just from reading about the contents of the book it seems packed full of awesome learning materials. I just have two quick questions.

How many code long learning type projects are in it?

I’m currently taking all the courses in the Zenva HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree and about 70% of the way through them all. I think your book would help me learn more of what isn’t covered there, would you agree?


If you already own the previous version 2.x.x, I have a “discount coupon”. Did you get it? Do you have a Library? on my email list?.


  • Easy rating: 2 one of which is free access to my Phaser III Game Design Course.
  • Moderate: currently 2 with 3rd as WIP (all on the book supporting website)
  • “Full Monty”: Ruins of Able Wyvern.

I’m also enrolled in Zenva’s wonderful courses and William Clarkson course too. Both are brilliant instructors and “cuts-to-the-chase” on game development.


Awesome, I greatly appreciate the info!