Isometric tilemap collision not working

Hello, I am trying to load an isometric tilemap that has tiles that can be collided with. I am setting some tiles’ “collides” property to true inside Tiled, then converting them to matter tile bodies.
However, no matter tile bodies are being created with the isometric tilemap, even though it works for regular orthogonal tilemaps.

Here is the code that i am using in the create event:

       // isometric tilemap doesn't create any matter tile bodies = this.add.tilemap('tilemap');
        this.tileset ='from_tp0', 'tiles');
        this.layer1 ='Tile Layer 1', this.tileset);

        this.layer1.setCollisionByProperty({collides: true});;
        // orthogonal tilemap works fine
        this._mp = this.add.tilemap('sampleTilemap');
        this._ts = this._mp.addTilesetImage('tileset', 'sampleTileset');
        this._ly = this._mp.createLayer('Tile Layer 1', this._ts);
        this._ly.setCollisionByProperty({collides: true});;