Let the code do the talking

Chat is great, but sometimes it’s just best to let the code do the talking.

Use the Examples category to show us your favorite bits of code. They can be either stand-alone functions, clever little tricks or full-blown examples. It’s up to you! Be sure to wrap the code in the markdown code tags, so it displays properly for everyone else.

Oh, and say if it’s for Phaser 2 or 3, too.

Have fun! There are no restrictions on what you can post in here (beyond common decency, of course) so let your imagination run wild. If you see another piece of code and improve on it, please post it up and we’ll see if we can’t get some remixes going.




@rich is there a website that I am not aware yet like a playground we can remix existing examples of others, of phaser examples or start from scratch and have them saved online with their own link like a hastag or query string at the end of the original link.

PhaserLabs are great and can be that thing I have described if the features I have mentioned can be added.

Also links from docs to the canonical labs, I mean that ones come with phaser, can be a great improvement tinking code references in docs make it great.