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I have written a few tutorials in the past, and would be interested in doing so again. But I’m only one among many other people who regularly make tutorials. With that in mind, I thought a “tutorial requests” topic could be a good idea, allowing people to come by and mention what they would be interested in seeing a (Phaser 3) tutorial or small open-source demo about. Similarly, tutorial makers could also drop by and test the waters by proposing tutorials ideas that they have, but aren’t sure if there would be significant interest or not.

For example, someone could come and ask for a minimap tutorial (it’s an example, I’m aware there is already an official example for that), which could be picked upon by me or some other tutorial maker. I want to stress that this list is destined to anyone who is looking for tutorial ideas, not just me!

To make it more usable, I will update this initial post regularly to display a summary of the requests posted in the topic. I’ll also add links to tutorials addressing the demands, marking them as “done”, but additional tutorials on a given topic are always welcome and will be added! In particular, if an existing tutorial doesn’t fully meet your expectations, feel free to request another one by pointing out what is missing.

I hope this will be valuable for as many people as possible :)

Pending requests:

  • A Phaser 3 version of the cloud platform tutorial, in particular the physics
  • An introductory tutorial on shaders, for example applied to light effects or visual distortions: done, available here. More to come!
  • Best practices regarding the proper use and combination of scenes (for menus, game over, …)
  • Creating save files using localStorage: done , available here.
  • How to make a text-based adventure (like 80 days, Sorcery, the Banner Saga)
  • How to make a grid-based movement system (using keyboard, not click-to-move)
  • Making a game with Phaser and Cordova: done, check out this tutorial.
  • Making levels for Phaser with Tiled: done , check this out as well as the full series it belongs to.
  • Tutorials on the basics and how to get started with simple projects


Hey good idea bringing this thread over here!

I’m starting a series where I create a full mobile game with Phaser 3 from scratch, then port it to Android and iOS. The first part is about Market Research and I’ll continue updating on my Dev Blog / YouTube channel / Twitter account.

:point_up: Bear in mind that as of today I’ve only done the very first episode so far! This is a very new side-project of mine and I’m just building it up over the coming weeks. Even though it’s at the very beginning, I hope it is okay to announce it here.



In response to a request that was made on the previous forum, I have written a tutorial on shaders in Phaser 3:



Nice to have a shader tutorial to point people to. Looks good.



This shader write up is really helpful, thank you. In playing around with it, I noticed that setting the game resolution in the Phaser config to anything other than 1 (eg. resolution: window.devicePixelRatio) changes the size of the pipeline renderTexture?



I wasn’t aware of that, I will look into it but by the sound of it I wonder if it’s not a bug. It makes me think about this issue for example. If I discover more I’ll let you know. :sunglasses:


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I can try the cloud platforms and scenes tutorials. In the new year.

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I have a few youtube videos that go over the basics: Youtube


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I’d be interested in making a series of short tutorials that focus on the official Phaser 3 examples. These are great examples but I know that some people can’t get much out of them without some explanations and directions.

So feel free to let me know if there are Phaser 3 official examples that you find particularly confusing or complex or interesting and for which you’d like a short tutorial, I’ll then prioritize these. :wink:



I’m interested in using Phaser to create turn-based strategy games, so my requests would be:

  • How to use the DOM effectively with Phaser 3: The way I see it, using standard HTML/CSS would be a better fit for the UI

  • Creating the game world, interacting with tiles, drag and drop etc

  • The showcase tutorial would be a very simple SimCity style game




I’m considering making a simple adventure game with “one point perspective” graphics, like this:

I’m interested in a tutorial for how to best set up the varying size and speed of the character sprites (based on the depth of the scene), as well as the wall collisions.

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I am interested in a tutorial about rendering windows of paginated or scrolling content on the canvas, such as could be used in an RPG to display narrative story and character inventory.



I know this is a very broad topic but I’d love to see some tutorial content about making multiplayer games with phaser.



It was using Phaser 2, but the principles are the same, and I have already covered a bit of that, here and there :wink:



I’ve just recently made a video about this, going over the very basic concepts: How to Make an Online Multiplayer Game - Basic Concepts



What I liked MOST about this video was how gently you introduced the networking concepts! I would bet that a 3rd grader could understand this. That took A LOT of thought to construct this video lesson for anyone to “get”.


https://leanpub.com/rrgamingsystem if they become interested in the “down and dirty”


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If you do, you’ll earn commissions … does that sound better?



Today it’s at 82% … a few more section to write … should be finished by late March. If you put it on a video or promote it; then you should earn a commission.



Custom classes… was a long time coming. Tile maps with Tiled seem to be the most requested topic but ughh…