Phaser 3 roadmap for new learner

There is a lot of tutorials and examples about Phaser3 but where can I start?
Is there phaser3 roadmap for new learners?

I think, there must be a info attached to tutorial thumbnail image and it must show hardness level of the tutorial.

Also how can I make search for needed tutorial between 838 tutorials in


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If you’re an absolute beginner, you should probably check Phaser “Make your first game” tutorial.

Since there’s no searchbar on the website, googling your tutorial need would be the best option.

As for roadmaps, I don’t really think everyone would have the same, and I don’t think Phaser would have specific roadmap, depends on your own needs really.

With that said, if I had to make a roadmap for myself, it’d look like this :


  • learn how to just make a game.
  • make a bunch of games just like that, without worrying too much about details. Follow short tutorials about mobile games or endless runners
  • play around with the code, experiment.
    Make your very own small game(s).


  • learn how to make game for the platform you aim for (console, mobile, etc…)
  • learn how to optimise the code/assets/textures
  • learn how to make maintainable project
    Make your own, slightly complex game(s)


  • learn how to deal with complex physics
  • learn how to deal with network
  • learn how to deal with monetisation
    Make your dream game?

Probably more fluff than anything, but then again, roadmap isn’t generic in my opinion, you don’t need to know much about Phaser to get started, so just learn new things whenever you need to for your project. Hope it help ʕ´°ᴥ °`ʔ

Thanks for your support.
I think you give a good start point. But motivation is very important and if you don’t follow pedagogic way, you can lost easily. And your motivation will be dried up by time.

I like phaser but when I look phaser website I feel lost. This can be change. How difficult can it be to add search bar on web site(I am an web developer).

Also, how hard can it be to create user friendly API Documentation.

I think there is a wonderful diamond but there is not good light to see its beauty.


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Hmm I can’t help with that, I’m not part of phaser staff ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
Hopefully they have answers regarding your concern toward their product/website.

I want to hope so .

Complete and extremely useful API documentation is one of the toughest things in all of development. Even a giant, powerful company like Microsoft has pretty sad API documentation for about 80% of their framework classes. I will say the Phaser API docs are much better for referencing and trying to solve a specific problem than they are for learning Phaser. I could probably leave them alone until you get deeper with your own Phaser projects.

I would like to add that if you have $60, I recommend the Zenva Phaser course. I am going through it now and I can say it is excellent. There is more than enough content there to keep most people busy for a couple of weeks and you will come out the other end at a pretty decent level of skill with Phaser.

Yes I agree with you they are for solving problems not for learning.
I searched for zenva but it is little bit expensive because some of course in pocket not necessary for me.
But there is no more options.

Have you looked around on YouTube? There are a lot of videos up on there, including some full courses. They may not be as long or as in-depth as the Zenva course but they could definitely get you going.

EDIT: There is also another course on advanced topics here that would likely make a good follow-up to the other playlist.

Yes there is a lot of videos on youtube but they don’t look like pedagogically ordered. And most of them amateur attempt. I have looked for pedagogically well designed zero to hero style course. But I am walking on heuristic way now. your first link is for phaser 3 but it is time-lapsed like a time tunell from sci-fi movie, What is the purpose of that :slight_smile: . I have just discovered this udemy course which I bought but not finished yet. It is look like well designed and teach in technical way not shows copy-paste projects.
Phaser 3 Master Course

Ahh yes, that course is pretty good. I have that one and have watched a good chunk of it. I was just specifically looking for free resources or I would have recommended it. I think you will do fine with it.