Tutorial requests


I would love to see a tutorial on text input on mobile, and with DOM elements preemptively to their inclusion in the master branch.

I would also love to see a tutorial on syntatic differences of v2 and v3, and how to port. There is much more info available on v2, but for newcomers, we start with v3, and then everything is harder with less info. There are plugins for text input for example on v2 that have been abandoned, I would love to understand the process in porting them, or at least why it’s not possible.

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I think William Clarkson already has such a tutorial on his web site.


A conceptual overview of arcade physics explaining the concepts such as

What is overlap/collide, when are they fired and whats the use case for one over the other
Examples of collisions between different types (Sprite, Tile, Groups)
Examples showing difference that static makes
Examples of what to do in the processing and collide callbacks?
How and when in the processing cycle are they calculated

Stepping through the code can be a bit overwhelming due to process loop and the event callbacks


Something like Google maps please. I would like to see “pinch to zoom” tutorial, or draggable map with zoom in/out . I cannot find it anywhere.

I would like to zoom in/out maps containing clickable objects (cities or countries for example).


I won’t link it in the top post because it’s not a tutorial (and it would be a bit much in terms of self-promotion), but the game I’m working on features something a little bit like that at the moment (the map used to be draggable, now it moves based on clicks but the associated logic is very similar, and there are three level of zooms to which the elements of the map adjust; they are not clickable but hoverable). The client-side code is really not made to be understood by other people, but who knows, it may help you anyway. Here is a link to a recent dev log where I talk a bit about the world map (the fog of war feature in particular), which contains a link to the latest version of the game.