Matter-js pysics and events without collisions

Hello there.

I have started a project on phaser 3 recently and I selected matter-js as the physics engine because arcade has its limits.

what I want to do:

  • Create a layer with objects on a tilemap:
    const map = this.make.tilemap({ key: "map" });
    const objects = map.addTilesetImage("waterObjects", "waterObjectsTiles");
    var current = map.createStaticLayer("waterObjects", objects , 0, 0);

  • trigger events everytime the player “collides” with an element from this layer. But I don’t want the player body to be impacted by it. Some sort of ghost collision.

at least find a way to detect if the player is overlapping with an element of the layer.

Thank you

I guess I will just use getTileAtWorldXY(x, y) until I find a way to use collision sensors in matter-js

Here is an example that creates sensors\physics\matterjs\compound%20sensors.js