Matter physics group / categories collide with world not working

Hi there,

im about to switch from arcade to matter physics because of the flexibility of object transformation / collition (not only circle or non-rotated rect) (see fiddle below).
I managed to get two categories to collide / non-collide with the player.
But i dont get it working to use categroies and let my player object bounce with world boundaries also…
As soon as my player ship gets a category, it stops bouncing with the world.
I belive it has something to do with this line:

 this.setCollidesWith( [ cat2 ]);

i modified the example of the moving space ship:

So my modified code looks like this:

Thx for the help.

And a second problem:
As soon as i set “this.setStatic(true);” to the other ships, my player ship disappears on collision!

I somehow managed to get it working.
Im using the object labels and the world events “collisionstart” / “collisionacive” and check the collision pairs…
Maybe not the best option, this gave me the flexibility to handle my own collision system :slight_smile:

In this example i have:

collision with static objects
collision with pushable objects
overflow with static objects
collision with the world boundaries