Matter sprites all over the place

I’m trying to make a game with a rocket ship navigating in a cave. The cave is broken up into 400x400 big tiles that’s combined to form a bigger cave. They all have physics-maps from “PhysicsEditor” that seems to work correctly.

My tileclass:

export default class Tile extends Phaser.Physics.Matter.Sprite  {
constructor(scene, x, y, sprite, phymap) {
    super(, x, y, sprite, 0, {
        shape: phymap


And these are added in game.js:

tilemap[1][0] = new Tile(this, 0, 0, 'ground', tile_body.ground)
tilemap[0][0] = new Tile(this, -400, 0, 'bottom-left', tile_body.bottom_left)
tilemap[0][1] = new Tile(this, -400, -400, 'vertical', tile_body.vertical)

But the tiles are all over the place, if I set them all on position (0, 0) you can see it more clearly:

What am I not understanding?

Matter physics positions bodies by their center of mass.

You can offset that with:

  x + this.body.centerOffset.x,
  y + this.body.centerOffset.y