Monterey 12.6. Safari 16

Has anybody run into any issue on Macs with Monterey 12.6, Safari 16? I have received a couple of reports from users that our game broke after they upgraded. One sent a screenshot and it looks like the game is loading but it is scaled to a very small vertical space (but full width). The other user reports a blinking/flashing. On our test machine, it works fine so it’s hard to figure out what’s going on.

Post a link to the game maybe? I’m using Safari on 12.6 and haven’t run into anything obvious yet.

The game is at Game Launchpad | I Love Mahj
You can run a test game or sign up for a free trial.
Here’s a screenshot that was sent to us of what it looks like.

Ignore the avatar picture at the bottom. This is overlaid on top of the game (hence why it’s scaled properly)