Multi scene "Texture key already in use"

I’m running multiple scenes, one as the main map and the other as a minimap.

I can’t use the same key to preload an image, or I get “Texture key already in use” error (with Phaser 3.80.0).

I want to preload the exact same image, so I want to use it with the same key, not to load it twice. Now phaser sends two http requests to the same file to load it twice, even if I use the same key.

How can I fix the error and not load the same image twice?

If one scene starts the other, load everything in the first scene. Otherwise use a preload scene to load everything and start the others.

Thank you, managed to get it working, FTR:

In the game config, pass:

scene: [MainScene, MiniMapScene]


export default class MinimapScene extends Phaser.Scene {

    constructor() {
        super({active: false, key: 'minimap'})

In MainScene:

   create() {