[Phaser 3] Akromonit - platformer game

I’d like to show you Akromonit platformer game. The main idea and almost all graphics are made by my 10 y.o. son. I’m PHP programmer and this is my first contact with Phaser and with games also.

First version was created using Kaboomjs but there was huge problem with performance (FPS). Switching to Phaser let us create more enemies, more functionality etc.

Please take a look and give me/us some advice. I know code is messy but - it was learning, googling and thinking how to solve problems.

Youtube gameplay: Phaser 3 - platformer game Akromonit - YouTube
Live demo: http://akromonit.pl



This plays well and the sprites look great. I felt bad hitting the animals.

How did you do the ladder mechanics? I always find that part difficult.

Yeah, but my son is intresting in animals (he creates simple models in Blockbench too) so it’s natural choice to play with animals. Hitting animals - it’s just a game, I think… There is a mummy too :slight_smile: so you can use shield (right mouse button) to pass animals without damaging you (or just jump over them).

About ladders: check this out http://akromonit.pl/js/player.js and look for “onLadder”. All ladders are placed on separate layer called just “ladders” :wink: To set if player is on or is not on ladder I check tile on player position on ladders layer. Than I have to turn off gravity. But - I can’t allow player to jump because gravity is off and he would fly away. I allow to jump only on the ladder end (when tile on ladders layer and above player position is empty). Being on ladder I can go up using W key and go down using S key.