[WIP] Platformer with Matter physics, rope, and slingshot

This is a game I’ve been working on for a while, and I wanted to share some of the functionalities I’ve developed.

The entire game is made on my iPhone with Textastic and a vector graphics app. I even have a trick to quickly make the ground any shape I need.

There are no visible buttons on the screen. To move, you just slide left or right. Jumping has two controls. You can either swipe up with one finger, or you can swipe with your other hand while running.

This is my rope. To climb, you just slide your finger up or down; and to swing, you slide left or right. I can reuse the rope anywhere in the game, and it can be used from both directions. To jump off, you either swipe quickly towards the direction you want to go, or swipe with your other hand while swinging.

This is my slingshot. To enable it, you tap the character, pull the rock back, and let it go. I have a few other puzzles that utilize it.

These are the major features so far. Unfortunately there are only about two minutes of gameplay, and I imagine it will take several years to develop an entire game by myself. Phaser is a lot of fun though, and I don’t think I could have learned how to code without it.


Updated the rope mechanics. Now it swings when the character hits it:


hi, could you share the implementation of the rope and its swing?