[WIP] Mobile platformer game with Matter physics and an UPDATED rope

[UPDATE] I have worked very hard on the rope, and I hope you will give it another try. The game will also restart when you fall off cliffs, and I made a few other small improvements.

This game and all of the assets were made on an iPhone, so there are no PC controls. The controls are fairly simple. Just slide your finger left or right to move, and you can either swipe the same finger to jump, or swipe with your other hand while running.

To climb the rope, you just have to slide up or down; and to swing, slide left or right.

To enable the slingshot, click on the character, pull the rock back, and let it go.

When you get to the hot air balloon, hold your finger down when the balloon starts dropping, and it becomes a small “endless runner” until 3 birds fly by.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks for checking it out!


Great work there. The art style reminds me of limbo. The running animation is weird and there are some flaws but overall the game looks neat.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I definitely need to work on the animation. This is the first spritesheet I’ve ever made, and it’s only temporary until I can afford an iPad with the pencil. Limbo is certainly an inspiration, and I intend to incorporate all of their mobile controls.

I don’t know if you tried it or not, but you can actually climb the rope while he’s swinging. You just have to lift your finger while he’s mid swing and then quickly drag up or down. I have an easier way of doing that, but sometimes it causes him to fly off the screen lol. I’m working on it.

Yeah just tried the rope thing, it works. I hope you will add climbing animation soon lol. Also the slingshot gets stuck sometimes and then I have to restart.

There should be a very simple climbing animation. I’m not sure what could be wrong with the slingshot. I’ve never experienced any problems. Do you mind if I ask what browser you’re using?

Chrome on my android device.

Thanks I’ll try to get my hands on an Android and check it out.

Hey I also fixed a few bugs with the rope. I’m not sure if you noticed, but when you were facing right and tried to jump off to the left, it was flipping the player backwards and sending him in the wrong direction. Now it’s working like it should, so you can slide up on the second rope, and jump off with the same finger.

Yes the rope is much better now. Also the slingshot was working fine today. However I encountered some bugs while playing.

Sometimes the player gets stuck on the running animation and keeps running in a particular direction. Happened to me usually during interaction with other objects.

The fall down animation keeps the player floating and sometimes happens randomly. Although not a huge issue but still.

If you miss the rope and fall down are you suppose to die or climb up ? In my case I cannot climb up so I have to restart.

And what to do after shooting down that bulb ?

Just read that you were working on your phone , I got a similar situation here lol my shitty pc broke.

Thanks for trying it again!

I’ve noticed that as well. I’m not sure what’s going on yet. It also happens if you swipe down with two fingers. I’m using an old collision plugin because Phaser didn’t have the new collision features when I started. I’m thinking one of the invisible buttons is getting stuck, but that doesn’t explain the two finger swipe.

Yeah, I’ve experienced this as well. The bugs that happen randomly are hard to pinpoint, and I’m almost scared to mess with it because fixing one bug always causes 50 more lol.

I actually don’t have anything that happens when you fall down yet. I’m going to work on that this week. It’s something I already know how to do, so I keep focusing my time on figuring out the more complex things first. Now that my rope is somewhat satisfactory, I can work on the boring stuff.

That’s supposed to be a hot air balloon lol. You jump in the basket underneath it, and it turns into a mini “endless runner” with birds flying at you. After three birds (I can add more by changing one variable, but it’s easier to test with three), you’ll land on the ground that has another rope and the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel is the last thing I have right now.

I use my phone for everything, even building my website. I don’t really like using computers and I needed an environment that allows me to work whenever I feel motivated. I work overnight shift at a retail store and have a busy home life, so if it wasn’t for Phaser, I don’t think I would have ever learned programming.

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After you get off the balloon, there is a small puzzle to get on the next rope. Since this is a work in progress and it’s impossible to know what’s a puzzle or just an incomplete part of the game, I’ll leave a walkthrough below with a spoiler alert…


Once you jump off the balloon (I recommend jumping to the left side), shoot the balloon with the slingshot to drop the bucket. Push the bucket to the next rope, and then you can jump high enough. I still have a lot of work to do, so I suggest using a two hand jump to get on the bucket, and then swiping with on finger towards the rope to jump on. Thanks!