[Phaser 3] Homing or Heat Seeking Missile with Arcade Physics

I’ve seen some asks for how to make a homing missile here and a specific ask for one using Arcade Physics on Discord. Ideally, you’d just use Matter since Arcade is AABB collisions only but maybe you hate Matter :man_shrugging: or you already learned Arcade or you’ve already written a lot of your game with Arcade and switching would be a pain in the ass.

You can find the tutorial here: https://blog.ourcade.co/posts/2020/make-homing-missile-seek-target-arcade-physics-phaser-3/

Source is on Github: https://github.com/ourcade/phaser3-homing-missile-arcade-physics

Demo: https://ourcade.github.io/phaser3-homing-missile-arcade-physics/

The trick is using a Circle body and a Container. The limiting factor with this approach is collisions only register at the front of the missile.