[Phaser 3] How fast can you Feed The Turtle platformer game

Hi Everyone!

After lots of reading I decided to build my first ever game with Phaser3. I’ve been dealing with web development in the last several years so I thought this library with TypeScript fits for the purpose.

The basic idea is to feed the small turtle by collecting all the fruits from the level as fast as you can. I only built one level just for the showcase.

Check the mentioned platformer game (Feed The Turtle) out here and try to beat the best score:

Read my blog post also about the development journey of this side project:

Also sharing one screenshot from the gameplay:

I hope you enjoy playing with it!

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Couldn’t beat the high score… Is there a full screen option?

Interesting question, thanks for asking! Just implemented as a new feature based on your comment, if you press F button in the game (not in the menu screen) it will go full screen.

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