[Phaser 3] Logic Game

Hi here a small game where you can train your brain!
Color the fields in the right order.

I have a question: Is the “how to play” clear to understand the rules?

Here to play: https://oliver77.itch.io/logic-lines

Any Comments are appreciated!


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Nice game!
I love this kind of games (like sudoku). It helps me to relex a bit from work :wink:

My pleasure that you like it!

Clever game, surprisingly tricky!

The “how to play” is a bit confusing though, it took a bit to figure out what you meant.

I’d phrase it as:

The top and left numbers are about black tiles, the right and bottom numbers are about blank tiles.

Each number shows the length of the longest segment of tiles of the given color in the given line.
For example a row with a “2” on the left indicates there must be at least one segment of 2 black tiles, and there shouldn’t be any segments of black tiles longer than that.

What might also make it easier to learn is if the numbers change color if you met their requirement, so the player can “try out” which combinations are allowed.

Hi thanks for the feedback. Maybe i add two difficulty level - easy with hints - and difficult without.
Also I change the “How To Play” text.

I added two difficulty levels, “easy” with hints and “normal” without.