This is a little webgame developed to promote the italian retroGaming/retroCracking/restroStory event… ONCE UPON A SPRITE: October 26 Milan @ Copernico Blend Tower…
Enjoy the game…

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Hi @sH4rK0, I have a laptop with a touch screen and the keyboard “wasd” doesn’t work :frowning:

I know this bug. Try to use Firefox… should work.:wink:

it works in firefox
one recommendation… it doesn’t feel natural to use the spacebar to jump, you should invert the keys, use the “W” to jump like in any normal game, and you could use the space bar to run other kind of actions

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Thanks Damian for the tip… next game for sure! :slight_smile:

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Mind sharing the source?

This game doesn’t load for me at all

Hi, here the repo: https://github.com/sH4rk0/ouas2019theGame

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Thank you!

What browser? desktop or mobile?.. tnx :smiley: