[Phaser 3] rexUI plugins


Here are some UI components of phaser3.

Live demos


Layout children game objects.

Grid sizer

Layout children game objects in grids.


A container with an icon, text, and background.


A container with a title, content, buttons and background.


A container with 4 groups of buttons around a center panel.

Grid table

A container with a grid table, slider, and scroller.


A container with buttons and sub-menu.


A container with an icon, (typing and paging) text, and background.


A container with a track, indicator, thumb and background.

Number bar

A container with an icon, slider, text, and background.

Round rectangle

Round rectangle shape.

[Phaser 3](WIP) Button Class

New sizer – fix-width-sizer : Layout children game objects into lines.

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Brilliant code support for Phaser 3!! Simply love the variety you’ve provided.


Another ui component - pages : A container with pages, only current page is visible.

And here is a list of plugins in my UI plugins package.


New ui component - text area : A container with a text, slider, and scroller.

It can show a large amount of text.