[Phaser 3] Snake Game


Once I made a snake game. Maybe someone will be interested. I laid out on githab and absolutely no one comes.

Demo: https://iliyazelenko.github.io/phaser3-snake-cordova/
Source code: https://github.com/iliyaZelenko/phaser3-snake-cordova

The project is done on the cordova, it means that you can make an application for the phone. I already tested on my smartphone and smartphone of friends, the game started perfectly.

Perhaps you can support me with a star on the github, then I will have the motivation to improve the project.

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Game is OK, but some improvements are required -

1 Sound effects.
2 Make the body of the snake shorter at the start of the game.
3 (if possible, not neccessary) Make the body of the snake move as a wavy motion.
4 Only one or two foods should appear at a time on the screen.
Limit the food to a maximum number.

This is what I think is required to improve the game.



Agreed, it’s OK, but not great. For me this game is far too easy, the difficulty builds up too slowly, it’s not challenging, I feel I could play for hours without dying.

I would suggest anything to improve the challenge: smaller play area, speeding up snake, only allow side reentry in certain places, add death traps, add an enemy snake, add bad food, add multiplayer etc.