Phaser Editor v2.0.3 released


We just released a new version of Phaser Editor 2D.

  • Added a new demo to show how to create tilemaps with the Scene Editor.
  • The Asset Pack editor was simplified and improved.
  • Added more options to the Scene Editor to create reusable objects.
  • Bug fixes and much more!

Read the full release notes

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Nice to see the editor grow up. Would like to see built-in typescript support :slight_smile:

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Thanks! TypeScript is supported… partially. If you create a .ts file will work, but you need to create the tsconfig.json first. We should create the wizards to create the TS projects and add the TS language to the scene compiler.

That’s what I mean: Having a ts project built up by selecting “New Typescript Project” with included boilerplate like tsconfig.json, npm and the obvious definition files like phaser.d.ts.
But first things first, of course :slight_smile:

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