Phaser performance optimization question: resolution importance

Is setting the Phaser resolution to 720p instead of 900p (and decreasing the image asset sizes to match the 720p resolution) going to give any meaningful performance increase since most displays are higher than both anyway? I originally made my game 1600x900, and usually it works pretty well, but sometimes theres a little bit of framerate drop and I’m wondering if changing the resolution will help (given that the game automatically scales to the screen anyway).

Welcome Tyrosmith,
Changing the resolution definitely affects performance, as the cpu will have to process and render x amount of pixels. With that said, going from 900p to 720p will likely only have a very small amount of performance gain.

For a simple benchmark, I made a test scene with 1,500 images rotating in an update loop. Running on WebGL with an i7-8700 CPU and Geforce GTX 1050 ti, I got the following results in a Chrome browser:

1280x720: ~32 FPS.
1600x900: ~28 FPS

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what a bout 1920x1080
version 3.6