Phaser showing 3.11 in chrome, but dependency in package.js is 3.23

Is there a way to force chrome to upgrade phaser? I can’t use Phaser.Scale without version 3.16! Any tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Check node modules and see what version is in there, also open incognito mode and connect to your local server (to check without cache)

Look in your browser’s Network pane (dev tools) for phaser.js.

I see the phaser.js file. Not sure where to find the version though. I ctrl-f’d for “3.11” and found that @since 3.11.0 a lot, so I’m assuming that is the version.

The node_modules file contains version 3.23. I’ve been using a local server to run my program. However I’m not sure how to run it in incognito mode, and I can’t seem to find a tutorial on that!

What is the URL of the phaser.js file in the Network pane?

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OMG I found that the Phaser link I had in the html was for 3.11! Apologies for my idiocy, and thank you so much @samme and @Phailser for the answers :slight_smile: