Phaser v2.6.2 ES6 port


I’ve created an ES6 port for the v2.6.2 Phaser version, some feedback would be appreciated:

Hmm i think last version of Phaser 2 is 2.19.2. I haven’t used ES6 so far but this is to develop Phaser game using JavaScript ES6 modules and code on the server side, along with tests, beautifying code etc (as per package.json features installed)?

Maybe you could add additional states to the game sample to improve the example code.

I am not very skilled in Node programming and don’t know deeply the specifics, but what if I want to use this as ES5 modules or how they are called, i.e use “require()” instead of “import” and me coding still in ES5 JavaScript. Would this Node module still work?

The project is made for browser games and not server side (node.js) projects.
At the time when I’ve started this port there were some performance issues starting from the 2.7.X versions because of the changed rendering engine (multi texture support). According to the docs 2.6.2 is the last official release of Phaser 2.

I’ve got some old projects which I’m not able to port to newer engine version (Phaser v3.6 / Pixi.js v7) so I needed something which I can maintain myself (And I prefer ES6/ECMAScript modern to write code).