Phaser3 - Phone tilt - accelerometer

Just started playing with Phaser3 - previously I built a couple of iPhone games via xCode and Swift and made use of the phone tilt (the accelerometer) for moving players.
Wondering how to do this via Phaser3.
Any examples out there?
Is there a plugin needed for this?
Does this work like it did via Phaser2?
How do you tell the OS / Browser support for various Phaser3 functionality?

Saw that there was an example using :

Something like:
window.addEventListener(“deviceorientation”, this.handleOrientation, true);
handleOrientation: function(e) {
// Device Orientation API
var x = e.gamma; // range [-90,90], left-right
var y = e.beta; // range [-180,180], top-bottom
var z = e.alpha; // range [0,360], up-down
Ball._player.body.velocity.x += x;
Ball._player.body.velocity.y += y*0.5;
Does this work in Phaser3?

Thanks for any and all comments.


Phaser 3 run in the browser, so i don’t see why it shoudn’t work.

Thank you - It does seems to work!
Any good examples of controlling the inputs (keys verse tilt) for a game that runs on both desktops and mobile devices?