Phaser3 timer for an action in function

hi guys
thanks for see that
i have one function in my scene that not in create()
that work is count down and minus my damage variable
when i called that function in update(), its count down by speed and my damage going to 0 by some seconds
i wanna to have timer for that action in my function
what should i do?
thanks a lot

I can solve that by using setTimeOut

Avoid setTimeout().

time/timer event

hi samme
my problem cant be fix by deleyedcall
because when one function call in update(), if use deleyedCall, after some seconds that function repreat infinity
but when i use setTimeout, after some seconds function call and for next loop we must wait some seconds for that function

same thats problem with addEvent

What’s your code now?

gorillaFight() {
    if (this.o.ghost_mode) return;
    this.o.ghost_mode = true;
    setTimeout(() => {
      this.o.ghost_mode = false;
    }, 5000);;
    this.damageText.setText("Damage: " + this.damage);

      function () {
        this.damage -= 1;


update() {

As long as you’re not calling delayedCall() continuously, I think it should work as desired. There’s no difference with setTimeout() in that regard.