Possibly the worlds smallest game of Pong made with Phaser 3

Hi Everyone,

I decided to make a tiny game of pong for fun. The games width is only 20px and the height is 10px!

Play: https://retrovx.github.io/miniaturepong
Source: https://github.com/RetroVX/miniaturepong



But why? :sweat_smile:

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For fun of course! Thanks for taking a look :smiley:

LOL :+1: it’s fun.

Nice - even particles are there :smiley:
But… one cannot win against the CPU :frowning:

Hi Oktay_Acikalin,

Admittedly the ai is quite difficult to beat. Making the game so small made it difficult to adjust the ai to be to easy or hard. Although i’ll definitely look into making it easier. Thanks for the comment and thanks for playing! :slight_smile:

:laughing: Thanks for including link to the source code, too.


No problem :slight_smile: Thanks for checking it out and hopefully the source is useful :slight_smile:

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Funny little game :+1:

Really awesome and very funny! Well done!