Really big asset taking a lot memory

Hello everyone, so basically I have a big assets 10k x 6k 10-15mb each, which should all be drawed in game (with possibility of zooming in and out) and it turns in around 4-6gb of RAM used in game. I wonder if there is a way you can reduce this using Phaser? And I would be very grateful if you could recommend other ways to reduce memory usage.


In Phaser v3.60.0, there are compressed texture formats. But those textures are still very large.

aside from using compressed texture formats, It will be best if you apply some individual optimization too.
what are those big images? spritesheets?
if you share example of one, maybe I’ll be able to come up with more optimized solution. maybe we can recreate same thing using performance friendly stuff (shaders…)

Basically I have a huge map (not tiles, every part is unique), which also consists from layers (same size pngs), which are drawn on top of each other. I can’t share the images, I also tried compressed texture formats, but DXT seems to produce a very bad quality results.

I’m currently trying approach with Camera.cull and will se if it is working.

yes, each compressed texture format is different and has it’s disadvantages, but in general the main drawback of using compressed textures is big load time.

if you’re drawing on top of each other, what about merging them? or maybe extract the smallest unique objects and recreate big textures using them during runtime?

camera cull won’t be able to help much because textures all still loaded in memory