rexBoard: Monopoly

I’m trying to implement @rexrainbow plugin to create a board game similar to monopoly so the plugin fits perfectly.

The “issue” I’m having is that just like monopoly I would like to add tokens (images) to the game pieces in the board game. The example provided does it with shapes, what would be the best way to add images instead of shapes, that way I can use all the functionality built into the ChessA class but for images. I would appreciate any guide or help!


Use board.addChess(chess, tileX, tileY, tileZ) to add any kind of game object to board.

Thanks @rexrainbow! do you think it’s better to create new functions to move the pieces after using board.addChess or can I adapt the ones (moveForward, moveAlongPath, etc.) used in your ChessA class from the example: Thanks!

You can design your own moving behavior, instead of using board’s moveTo behavior.
After moving chess physically, remember to set chess to new logic position (tile position) by

board.moveChess(chess, toTileX, toTileY, toTileZ, false);

(Set parameter align to false)

Thanks and thank you for all your awesome plugins!!!