Safari Mobile IPAD and audioContext lag issues


I realise that this query is probably outside the scope of Phaser knowledge, but thought I’d post this issue as someone might be able to suggest things to try.

I am using microsoft.cognitiveservices.speech.sdk to convert speech to text via the microphone. This works fine with phaser running within all operating systems except on the IPAD safari. When I run the continuous recognize speech with Phaser running on the IPAD there is large lag, incorrect results or doesn’t work at all. When I destroy the Phaser game object it works fine - on the IPAD.

I had tried many different gameconfig options with no luck. WebAudio off, noaudio, context = new webkitaudiocontext. Still the same issues. I also noticed when using the window.speechSynthesis.speak sdk - the oneend callback is very delayed and sometimes doesnt work only on the IPAD.

I have tried a complete barebones Phaser project and I still get the issue only on the IPAD.

Any suggestions would be HUGELY appreciated.


This appears to be an issue with recording audio on the IPAD with phaser running. The audio comes out distorted.