[SOLVED] Animation pause event is only called once

Hi all,

So I’m creating my animation and playing it on player input (when the player walks right) with something like this in my update loop:
if (this.keyboard.D.isDown) { this.player.play('right', true); }

However, with only this the whole animation loop plays. I’d like to pause the animation on a keyup event, and I do that like this in my create method:
this.input.keyboard.on("keyup_D", ()=>{ this.player.anims.pause(this.player.anims.currentAnim.frames[0]); });

and it works but for only the first keyup event. I stepped through the debugger and the event is definitely being created with once = false, as the default should be. Any clues as to what my be causing this? I have tried testing in chrome and safari. I have also confirmed that the callback is being called correctly (everytime) just the actual pause event only occurs the first time.

Here is a video as well:https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/free1/uploads/phaser1/original/2X/5/5d5b4c161edd5148d58b23b82ba3deb930cc3367.mov
I’m fairly new to phaser/javascript.

I used setFrame in the callback rather than pause to set the idle frame after some suggestions in the phaser3 discord.