Sometime collide callback don't work


I found that sometime collide callback isn’t working (see the video).

The code i use is this:

this.physics.add.collider(this.smiles, this.smiles, this.test, null, this);

test(e, e2){

Collide box are squared as you can see:

Did i do something wrong ?

Thank you very much !

You have to use Matter physics because Arcade physics collisions doesn’t work properly when it comes to detect more than 2 objects colliding at the same time. I had the same problem in my Brick breaker game and i wasted a lot of time because of that, i finally use Matter which work fine.

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Thank you, it works fine with matter ! :smiley:

Idk, at the end they are definitely colliding but not changing textures.

Yes, they collide (and bounce), but the callback function isn’t triggered.

When i tried to synchonize my brick breaker game between my server and client, sometime the ball was touching 2 bricks at the same times but only one callback was generated and only for one of the 2 bricks (and it wasn’t always the same brick touched on the server than the client, which caused desynchronisation) Then sometime both callback was called. It’s a bug and it has been reported by the developper himself. If i remember well i read it on the main website.