Sprite Crushing player against platform


I have an “elevator” sprite (immovable, with constant velocity), that moves up and down according to endpoints.

When the situation in the picture happens, meaning the elevator is moving down, if the player is on a platform, then the elevator stops moving, and I can’t manage to get it back moving after I remove the player.

I checked the elevator’s body properties, but can’t seem to find how to get it back moving.

There’s no error or browser crashing or anything.


There’s a difference between tiles and gameObjects like the player.
To check body collision with the tiles we use body.blocked, with the player it’s body.touching

Hi @BlunT76 , I don’t think the problem is the platform. The problem is the elevator stops when in that situation, and I can’t get it back to moving.

Is there a property or state to check of a sprite to see if it’s blocked ?

Yes, with body.blocked.down and body.touching.down, replace down with the direction needed.

Hi Thanks for the Help.

I found the solution, but the problem was not related to any property.

What happened it’s simply that in the situation in the picture, the object (elevator) simply was stopped- the velocity went to 0 in my case. I just had to move it again