The third dimension


I’m fully aware of that phaser is a 2d engine, but I’m curious if anyone has experimenting with 3d / pseudo 3d with or beyond the 3d camera.

Two cases that would be interesting:

  1. Tilt a tile map to create a Mario Kart (snes) type of view, still using 2d physics.
  2. Render a cube with textured sides, maybe like a rotating object / enemy ship in an otherwise space harrier-type of game with 3d camera.

Not 3d as in FPS but as “augmented 2d”.


The most recent newsletter probably holds some points of interest under the subtitle Phaser3D


There’s also a 3D camera you might find interesting


@spencerTL Wow. I don’t know how I could miss it. Phaser World is my favorite newsletter and I always read it. Great timing.
Things seems pretty straight forward but I need to figure out how to generate and use textures with it though (ultimately from tilemaps). Any hints anyone? If I succeed I’ll post the solution.

@jackfreak I was planning to use it but need the 3d plugin for some features.